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[FASHION] Beauty. Empathy. Disability. Angelica Ellis in Conversation with Claudia Walder

Friday 14 July 13:00 (GMT +0)

TogethernessFashionSchool of DesignFashion (MA)
Estimated Duration: 45 minutes
Location: Truman Brewery
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When embarking on my journey at the Royal college of Art my area of research focused on exploring aesthetics and beauty when designing for people with disabilities. It's a thought-provoking topic that addresses the lack of aesthetic considerations in items or clothing designed for individuals with disabilities.

The question of why beauty matters for people with disabilities or chronic conditions is an important one. By incorporating aesthetics into design, we acknowledge and respect the inherent dignity and individuality of each person. It goes beyond pure functionality and recognizes the value of self-expression and personal identity, regardless of one's physical abilities.

My personal experience of almost jeopardising my own health by refusing to wear a brace due to the lack of aesthetic consideration highlights the significance of this issue. Designing with empathy means understanding the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of living with a disability and incorporating those considerations into the design process. It's about creating products that not only fulfil functional needs but also enhance the overall well-being and confidence of individuals.

In my talk with Claudia, the founder of ablezine, we will delve into these topics, discussing my work on "Framing Fragility" and explaining why adding beauty to design is an empathetic approach.

Image credit: Work by Angelica Ellis

Presenter & Guests: Claudia Walder
Featured in Theme: Togetherness