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Disabled Students' Network presents

The RCA Disabled Students’ Network (DSN) is a group of disabled students and alumni who formed two years ago. Their drive and focus is to provide a platform for disabled students to connect and support one another. The network is working towards highlighting and improving access in and around the RCA, whilst promoting the Social Model of Disability and the Disability Arts Movement (DAM).

This collection has been curated for the second year running, which has allowed the DSN to bring attention to the significance of accessibility and equality within the RCA community. As a consequence, the network has been able to reach out to a broader range of students to showcase their talent. The collection includes works that address issues related to personal stories and perspectives.

The DSN celebrated Disability History Month, International Day of Disabled Persons and Purple Light Up in December 2022. The network produced significant talks, symposia and events designed to generate discussion and visibility around issues concerning accessibility and inequality within and beyond the College.

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